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What does holding my hand mean?

I was holding onto my BF's arms trying to reason with him because he said maybe we should break up. I then grabbed one of his hands and he was holding it tightly back too. What does this mean? Was he showing that he still cares? We will meet to talk.

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    It means "god damn you crazy *****. Why does every fart, gust of wind, spider web, and blink have to be the most significant thing that ever happened? Every time I scratch my *** it does not mean I'm relaying secret messages to you in Morse code like kidnapped CIA agent. This is why we are fighting and why I'm so sick of your ****. "

    I think the best example I can give without being quite so silly about it is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode when she gains the ability to hear thoughts. Everyone else has all these secret, complex, contrary thoughts to what they say and how they act. Cordelia thinks "this sucks, can I go home now" and says the exact same thing. That's how men are. That's the secret magical complex thing going on in his head; the exact thing he just said to you. And then what's worse which creates complete communication breakdown is you beg us to tell you how we feel and what we think and shut us down right at the very second we start doing just that. You want to and choose to be so hurt and lost because you wouldn't know what to do if you were truly and fully loved. You have no idea how to handle that emotion, instead trying to force us into chasing you like school boys by keeping us at a distance, pushing us away if we get too close because that is what you associate with the word "love" incorrectly. And it's why you will never be loved. You are not worthy of love.

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