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What are the reasons someone think your doing better than them or will? ?

and why are they even concerned? Of they're doing better than you (seemingly a race to them but not you) why are they concerned of what soemoen is doing and even to become threatened? it isn't an competition if your running your own race.

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    Some people are highly competitive. It's just part of their personality. They feel a need to be the best at what they do or the first to do something. They are constantly striving to be the best (at everything they do), and it's hard for them to choose not to care. It's just how some people are wired, but it can also be a good thing. Some of those highly competitive/motivated people have contributed a lot to advancements in technology and many other areas of life.

    If it isn't a competition to you, that's fine. It shouldn't bother you that someone else does feel they need to compete with you. Think of it as you being a motivator or inspiration to someone else, for them to better themselves.

    Your post is more suited to Social Science, rather than Sports>Running.

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