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Question about the glasses process?

So the process as I know it is you go in and get an eye exam where you sit in a chair and look at a board with letters on it.

This method seems kind of ineffective at determining your eyesight. I saw that with laser eye surgery they can tell what your eyesight is and correct it. Why don t we use the same machine to determine the perfect pair of eyeglass lenses?

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    There are two basic ways to determine your glasses prescription: objective and subjective. Objective tests don't require anything of you besides looking the right direction. They are based on how light interacts with your eyes. The most common form of objective testing is an autorefractor. Autorefractors vary in accuracy. Some are so accurate that only small adjustments need to be made. Some do little more than suggest a starting point for subjective testing. In young children or other people not able to cooperate, glasses are often prescribed just from autorefractor readings. The main reason that people don't like subjective testing is that many of the choices look the same. It's OK to say that two choices look the same. The closer the first lenses in the device are to what is needed, the more the same choices are going to look. I believe that when subjective testing is possible, it should always be done. People are much more complex than an optical instrument and what the numbers say should work often is not what people like.

    Custom LASIK can correct higher order refractive errors because it reshapes the cornea in a way custom designed for that specific patient. To measure these higher order refractive errors,laser centers use an autorefractor so sophisticated that they don't call it an autorefractor. The laser center that I work with always has a subjective refraction for patients as well. It factors into how they set their laser.

    I believe that no matter how sophisticated objective eye measurements get, there will always be a place for the patient to decide what looks best.

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    The process of refraction to correct a person’s optical error is very effective. Your understanding of this process is not well founded.

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    Huge waste of time and money. Laser eye surgery does NOTHING for presbyopia. Come back when you grow an actual brain.

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