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What does holding my hand mean?

I was holding onto my BF's arms trying to reason with him because he said maybe we should break up. I then grabbed one of his hands and he was holding it tightly back too. What does this mean? Was he showing that he still cares? We will meet to talk.

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  • Nancy
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    1 month ago
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    Ugh, wishful thinking.

    Of course he still cares. But that doesn't mean he doesn't still want to break up. He was holding your hand tight to comfort you. He just doesn't want you to feel bad. That's the level of caring. Nothing more.

    If you try and push him into backing down and not breaking up with you, all you're doing is wasting both your time and delaying the inevitable for a few more weeks or months of having a sucky relationship where he becomes increasingly miserable and resentful as you increasingly try to emotionally manipulate him into being in love with you, which never works.

    • Ivy1 month agoReport

      always amuses me how i can spam this same exact question thousands of times and every time there is a gullible fool that types out a legitimate answer, lol

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think the "we should break up" part should have been obvious enough to you, but somehow you think the hand grip means more then that.

  • BJJ
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    1 month ago

    Not having much luck with your boyfriend are you 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it means you've just asked this for the 2367th time, and I've just gotten my 4733rd and 4734th points off of your dumba­ss spam questions.

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