What do the police do when you file a police report for receiving ONE prank phone call?  ?

Do they do anything about someone saying they got ONE harassing phone call and no threats were made?

A friend of mine pranked called a Psychic in a different state. He left a message on voicemail. He said basically, "Hi you stupid, b.s. Psychic, haha! You are so fake! All Psychics are fake! You're a scammer, screwing people over! Oh but you have a cute voice. We should have phone sex........!


He doesn't remember the exact words he said. But, that was basically it.

It was a joke and a "scambaiting" call. He didn't make any threats.

That person's mom called back from a blocked number. She said she was filing a police report. It was only about an hour ago. What can he expect to happen next? How long should it take?

The person he called lives in a different state. What will the police do then?

He's nervous as he'll right now. He's scared and he's probably going to have a Heart attack if the phone rings or if anyone knocks on the door!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    You’re a single mother and a US Military Veteran and this is an example of the people you hang around with? PTSD?

    I am confused. He either called or he didn’t. There is no “basically” in placing a telephone call. The same with the use of the English language. I may feel threatened over something and you don’t. I have NO idea what “scambaiting” is.

    What will happen next? It depends on WHERE. This isn’t International Law, but some aspects of this are Federal Law. State to State? Federal.

    1 - What can he expect next? This depends entirely on whether or not the other party reports this to the FCC, the local Police, someone else. After that it depends on whether or not someone is interested in investigating the situation.

    2 - How long should “it” take? As long as it takes to complete step #1.

    3 - What will the Police do “then”? Step #1.

    4 - Heart attack? A little bit dramatic, both of you - ?

    No one knows what will happen next. I do know what CAN happen next. I suspect he will be notified by a Police Agency. He can then explain why he thought this telephone call was so very amusing.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You are the 'prank' caller and if the recipient filed a complaint with local police, there will be action taken. Soon.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Laws vary. My husband is a DoD contractor and started getting "prank" calls a month or so after 9/11. He mentioned it to his boss, who had us file a police report while he escalated it to the FBI. The police and/or FBI (I'm not sure which) apparently made an arrest but I don't know what happened after that.

  • Bruce
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    In my state, that is called "unlawful use of a telephone" and it only requires one incident to be arrested. The comment about phone sex alone is highly inappropriate and could be enough for most to make an arrest.

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