When people stand/sit really close to you in an empty space?

Why would someone stand/sit close to you in an empty room? Today I was in the school library typing out an assignment. There were plenty of computers and the room was basically empty. A student came in and stood right over me a few inches away in the corner where there were no computers. They were so close I felt them breathing lol

They just stood there for 3 min with their phone facing me and hovering over my computer then sat down at the one next to mine. I got up to print out my paper and when I walked back they were staring then turned away to pretend they weren't looking it was so weird lol. What causes ppl to do this, does being next to others subconsciously bring comfort?


@Jimmy C: Noted, I should've said he.

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    Why be coy with the genders? "They", repeatedly, to refer to one person? Why not "he" or "she"? Gender is always a factor in social encounters, such as this one you describe.

  • 4 weeks ago

    If people do that to me, I start coughing. That usually clears a space.

    Grammatical note: one person is he or she, not they.

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