Does Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook have undue influence on the voters in USA?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Anyone who controls the media can have an undue influence on some voters. Tulsi Gabbard for example is suing Google for blocking her ads for a couple of crucial hours when she did the first Democratic Debate and people were attempting to google who she was. With the aid of the liberal media, the Democratic Party is attempting to smear Gabbard as a Russian ally simply because she is running a better campaign than who the Democrats are rigging the election for.

  • 4 weeks ago

       HI. It's the crack principle that's run this world forever.

       Basically, to some eople FB is as good as crack is to an addict of crack.

      However, since crack is available anywhere, & there's only 1 FB, yes.

       You can find a crack addict in any city or town in America, or most of the world, but FB only covers the technology-capable world.

       That's why the big money's trying to get the world connected, everywhere, anywhere, anytime.

       Once they can get tracking info from anywhere, they can start forming a plan to immerse themselves into those worlds, & get other big money to invest in the process based on "future profits" from people who already have a liking for their products.


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      Thanks, but I think this is beyond luck now.

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