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My father one somebody's money on a technicality, and he wants to give it back, what do you think of this? Is this the right thing to do?

Ok this was a poker scenario at the casino but you don't have to know poker all that well to follow what I'm saying,

My Father made a bet and the option goes to the other man to accept the bet or give up, if he gives up my father wins all the money that put into the pot, the man did nnot have a chance to make any decision because the dealer reveals the last card to early, after the fact the man says he would have accepted the bet (and based on the ammount of money all ready put in by each of them, it wouldnt make any sense for him really not to) the card that was drawn would have made that man the winner but the casino decided to put it back in the deck, the card that was drawn instead was a card that made my father the winner, the odds were actually low my father could get a card to win with (about 6 of the remaining cards in the deck) but he got it and won $667 dollars.

my father tells me today something about morals and hes gonna give the guy the money later, claiming that guy should have won, and I kind of disagree. My oppinion is technicalities happen in your favor and not in your favor time to time, over you're career you should come out even, they're will also be times you lose where you shouldn't have. I claim if everytime he should have won he loses money, and every time he wins on a technicality but gives the money back, he loses, and a lose lose to errors doesnt seem fair to me for him.

Also with all the debt he has I don't want to see him give away $667 dollars


Of the $667 dollars, both men contributed about $250 of their own money to it, the remaining coming from other players involved with the hand early.

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    You mean he WON the money???? I'm confused.

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    not much you can do about it, its his choice

  • 10 months ago

    thats because you are young and dont value hard earned money..then again neither does your dad if he is gambling it away...its nice that he gave him half his money back..

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