What is wrong with me?

I’m a 21 years old male, I’ve been having problems mentally that seems to be affecting me more than ever now. I’ve always been a quiet kid, but around people I know like friends and family I can be myself. But when I’m with strangers or even people at used to work with, I don’t talk to them unless I’m spoken to. In which a job like Plumbing, it kinda requires social with others your working with with. Okay so besides that I feel like this started affected me more after a breakup with my girlfriend when I was 18. I was never really quiet around her but when I was with her family or anything, I just feel weird and it’s hard to explain. I always told her that I would start talking to them but was always quiet for some reason. I started smoking weed more after our breakup also, everyday since. Still til this day I still think of her for some odd reason, I never knew the real reason why she broke up with me. But now I’m trying to get the same plumbing job that I quit twice, they will allow me back because of my moms ex but everytime I think about working with those people, I feel like my body is jumping outta me. It’s also weird because I can talk to strangers if I know what I’m gonna say without any feeling. I just understand what it is idk if I’m depressed or what. 

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