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Boyfriend threaten to hurt me if I do not abort my baby, how do I go about getting full custody?

My bf and I were hanging out like usual. Then all of a sudden he turned to me all serious and said he’s gonna give me until 7months to abort it or he’ll bury me. 

I stared at him cause I didn’t do if he was being serious or joking. He looked me straight in the eye and said that we can have another one in two years. I should abort it and help him take care of his two toddler daughters. I literally stood there cause I was so shocked he said that.

He then tried to take it back and said he was just really high for the edibles. He began hugging me and kissing me and saying he wasn’t serious he was just trying to screw with me. I didn’t buy it so I stayed away from him.

The next morning he said he said what he said because I said I wanted to go to another country after it’s born. (Which I did) I said I wanted to stay there to visit my grandpa cause he doesn’t have much time left. He then said that he just wants me to stay with him and have the baby because he loves me. 

I think he’s just saying all this because he realize how messed up what he said was and how afraid I was after he said that.

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    Break up with him if he is going to have an attitude

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