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Hydrogen produced from a hydrolysis reaction was collected over water. The data is compiled in the table.

Total volume of H2(g) collected 93.13 mL

Temperature 28.0 °C

Barometric pressure 7.40×102 mmHg

Vapor pressure of water at 28.0 °C 28.5 mmHg

Calculate the moles of hydrogen gas produced by the reaction.

mol H2

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    Subtracting the vapor pressure of water from the barometric pressure will give you the partial pressure of H2 collected:

    P = 740 - 28.5 = 711.5 mm Hg / 760 = 0.936 atm H2

    Now, use the ideal gas law to calculate moles H2:

    PV = n RT

    0.936 atm (0.09313 L) = n (0.08206 Latm/mol K) (301 K)

    n = 3.53X10^-3 mol H2

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