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Why people think suicide is horrible when everyone WILL die at some point?

Life is totally bullsh*t. You try so hard to live but at the end you die and turn into sh*t. So why should you live this sh*tty life? You will die at some point so it doesn't matter if you commit suicide or not, the story will end with DEATH.

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    I hope that you can come to a point in your life that you can find enjoyment that's greater than the feelings you have when you're ready to end the pain you feel  on the inside. Please remember that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Your parents, your brothers and sisters will always feel guilty that they weren't there to help you through these times of pain you are going through. They, all of us, that have a close friend or relative that has ended their life have the underlying nagging guilt that we didn't do enough for them while they were  still with us. Also think of what feelings you would have if someone you knew well ended their life.

    Please remember WE have a problem in this country that is worse than school shootings.. its suicide !!!!. For comfort and hope please research what you can do to help you with these thoughts of despair. Your pain can help others to deal with their feelings of despair. JW.ORG is a good starting point to get hope and reassurance for yourself and others.1 Peter 5;7 says throw all your anxiety on Jehovah God .. he cares for you. 

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    Most people enjoy life even with all of the ups and downs. The ones who hate life have a messed up life and want to end it all. Yes, we all will die, but in the meantime, most people don't want to be reminded of it and have a lot of living to do in the meanwhile.

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    It matters because humans are trying to promote positivity as efficiently as possible, although, some selfishly commit suicide despite the effort and energy used to make life better as it is.

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    I feel like that almost everyday. I guess that's the challenge, to go through it no matter what. Better to give it a try and die later. Death is not a choice, it's a state of being.

    As an Atheist, I do not believe in the afterlife. That keeps me in control of my destiny (which I also don't believe, couldn't find a replacement word).

    So, what one can do is just try out different things and maybe somehow and sometimes it will turn out.

    Life will never be great, it's not always what you want, not the girl you like, not the friends you cherish. But it might. Nothing is perfect (actually far from perfect usually). 

    You have to talk to your inner self. What do I like? What bothers me most? What/who irritates me? Why do I feel like crap these days?

    Only then, go out to the world and seek. Otherwise it'll depress you. We live in a society where every man is for himself, they only speak to us in times of need. So, be that need that you can fulfil. A girl that's looking for a guy - be that guy. A supermarket needs a skilled manager - be that manager. This life is a give and take, nothing else.

    Once again, death is a sate of being. Most people are dead throughout their lives, they just don't realise it. Start living and death won't even come near you.

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    (This is just my opinion)

    Because suicidal people are, the overwhelmingly majority of the time, mentally ill. Suicide is essentially dying of depression rather than taking your own life. What’s better, someone dying of natural causes with a nice life behind them, or someone dying at a young age because of a disease that could be (possibly) treated?

    I do feel like our society does shame suicide and it’s victims too much, but that doesn’t mean it’s good either. If you are thinking of taking your own life, seek help. I was at a point like that, and I know it’s hard to overcome, but I believe in you. You can do it.

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    All lives end with death. No one has escaped it. Definitely you went through something to come to the conclusion that life is ****, but you never know what tomorrow will give you. With a blink of an eye, your life can flip 180, and you will see all the positives that his negativity is hiding. Life is a beautiful place, live it fully!

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    Because your life is worth living. You are a beautiful, strong person, and you deserve to enjoy life.

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    No it’s not, life is what you make it to be.

    Ask any doctor thanks


    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) General knowledge

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    You must be a happy person to talk to at parties.

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    cause you miss out on half your life, plus god says do not kill and that includes yourself

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