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Are there many English speakers in Kufstein, Austria?

Visiting Germany in a couple weeks (Munich) and was considering the train ride to Austria since it's not too far away. I was looking into visiting Kufstein which is right on the border to check out Austria and to see the Kufstein Fortress. As an American tourist, are there enough English speakers in the area where it wouldn't be too difficult to get around town?

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    You'll find most Austrians who deal with tourists speak English. Same for Munich.

    Spent several days in Vienna (Wein) last September [See photo, Vienna Concert Hall lobby] and have been to Munich more than once. Never had a language issue and English is my first language.

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    there might be some of them

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    You will get by. Younger generations probably speak good English. You can do some internet searching for info before you go, so you would not appear to be so helpless.

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      Just good advice. I always do that myself. No need to rely on others all of the time. A person who looks lost can be a target for criminals.

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