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Why does it matter if we cut taxes on corporations to create jobs when most corporations don't offer good jobs in the first place?

Most large companies only offer retail jobs which pay like sh!t or manufacturing which most companies go out of their way to outsource so they don't have to spend money paying people good wages.

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    Cutting corporate taxes does not create jobs. Companies do not hire new employees because they have extra money, they hire new employees when they have a need for new employees. If they passed a new tax bill that repealed all taxes on corporations, that still would not create new jobs because that would not create more demand for products.

    A significant tax break to lower and middle class will cause new employment as people will have more money to spend.

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      "Where did you get that from??" Paying the invoices for contract labor. Taxes are the same, the contract company is not eating them. Hourly rate tends to be higher to make up for lack of benefits and the contract company draws a profit. Contact labor makes sense for short term,.

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    They control the government...

    It's been proven for years that small businesses are the backbone of the economy. But, they aren't given generous tax cuts like their corporate friends

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    You are mistaken that most corporations are large companies. The vast majority of corps in this country are S Corps and most of those are small companies with less than 100 employees. You don't think tax cuts to small businesses is a good thing?

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    Err....really? Where are there good jobs that aren't corporate?

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    Depends flat and fair good unfair bad

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    Really? You should take a few classes and understand where the products you sell are actually created....

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    Still pining for free stuff?

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