Which of these two demonstration speech topics is more interesting, from an audience’s perspective?

- How to take blood pressure

- How to use a DSLR camera

I am NOT an expert on either topic BUT I do take courses online on how to use a DSLR camera and do a 6-7 demo on the basics.

And for the blood pressure one, I do not know how to do it as for right now but my mother is a doctor so she can teach it to me easily and give me practice.

Either topic I know I can do good on because I have the right sources and they are not hard to perform.

But I want to hear from an audience perspective which one would interest you more particularly?

(My audience is a class of mixed students, different majors, different cultures) so I can’t really choose based on that.

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  • VP
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    4 weeks ago
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    Both sound pretty interesting to me. I guess I'd like to learn about how to properly take someone's blood pressure and what the numbers mean.

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