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Need help with career options ASAP!?

I’m currently in my first semester of university and as most people I have no idea what to do for a career. Currently taking physics, Chem, math, English but I wanna try something different. Course selection is in like 2 weeks so I gotta decide soon. For the future people ask what I’m interested in and tbh I kind of want something with law. Not a lawyer but more as in someone with a badge. Cop seems a bit basic so I was thinking something like FBI or something idk. I honestly have no idea. I just know I’m really interested in martial arts and wants to learn some self defence stuff like that. I also really enjoy cases and stuff in tv shows but ik it ain’t the same In real life. I’m just way in over my head and need some advice lol. Anything  is appreciated!

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    You should take this first year to dabble in a variety of courses. You could take a criminal justice course, computer science course, business course, law course, etc. Make sure you take very different classes that all spark your interest. This is not counting the basic general classes like English, history, math, etc. Take some electives that spark interest and maybe you will find your path. Also, consider which fields have jobs and decent salaries when you graduate so that you can actually land a good job when you finish.

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    Take something in the political science department and something in the Police science department. Lots of people change their major after their sophomore year. Keep good grades so that you will qualify for grants.

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    Criminal justice and criminology are the best ones

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    Seems you’re academically inclined to complete your studies, and prob need to fill electives at this point. Focus on the degree and the job opps will appear, and with your level of seeming excellence, you’ll be able to choose positions that interest you.

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    You don't have to decide soon. It's your first year of college and your interests are bound to change. Some people have this crazy idea that students should have their entire lives mapped out and know exactly what they want to do for a career.

    It's ok to be unsure of what you want to do in life. You're young. Take this time to explore different options and try new things. You may want to work in law now but when you're 25 or 30 you could decide to take a.n entirely different path. Enjoy life and don't worry too much about what your career goals are at this juncture.

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