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Why has Yahoo Answers gone bad?

I can't even view my questions page on mobile. The navigation has gone rubbish. Yahoo Answers downgrading their service!

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    You have to use the desktop mode if you are using your smartphone. Then just click on your avatar or username which is located on the top left just under notifications. Using either one will take you to your profile activity page which will have all your questions unless the question was reported and removed.

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    Left click or tap your user name in one of your questions or answers. If you have the new format and your device and browser are in desktop mode, there is now a "See answers profile" button in the left column. Since Ive been switched to the U.K portal, you might NOT have that button in the left column. Left click or tap your user name in one of your questions or answers and see what happens. It will take a few seconds.

    YA went toxic in 2009 or perhaps earlier when some people started reporting, often falsely, and took over YA. Yahoo made some improvements when it pug in place software that made more than 20 reports from the SAMEb device in 7 days ineffective, but that didn't slow many people down because many people have more than 1 electronic device. Since Verizon took over Yahoo in

    June 2017 and stopped sending out report notice and violation notice emails and it became very difficult to appeal, things have NOT improved. The new format and all the changes have made things worse.

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    Your YA activity is here

    The mobile site format was changed recently. Those of us who use the desktop version of YA, see few changes.

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    Because the new format was total rubbish, and they've allowed trolls to take over.

    hey, LAN.....was your last question about the trolls in the Italy section deleted? I can't find it......I left ya a sh*tload of comments, and actually, really tried to talk to you......but ya have me blocked, which makes that difficult .

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    On the top of your Google browser are three little dots click those three little dots and scroll down to where you see desktop mode when you check mark that you'll be able to see everything that you just mentioned was missing switch back to the mobile when you're done the same exact way

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    Because nobody answers my questions!

  • LAN
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    4 weeks ago

    Because Yahoo did away with active moderation and decided to go with a very faulty system rather than enforcing a system that requires personal accountability.

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