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Abuse of Office & Abuse of the Public Trust. That is what Trump will be Impeached and Removed for. Why do Trump fans think that won't happen?

It is going to happen because 20 Republican Senators will vote it that way.  They will follow their oaths and they will judge Trump and right now I can say with pretty much certainty that when the evidence is presented to the American people they will choose right over wrong almost every time. This time will not be any different. 


High crimes are whatever the Congress says they are. 

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  • Myrtle
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    Best Answer is not just a river in Africa! It is happening as we speak. I can see by the usual Right Wing Trump fluffers answers here on yahoo today , that they are either in denial or it hasn't yet hit them. They have to realize that when a Senator makes this vote they are voting to say yes or no to the facts. Was the Quid pro Quo Deal Trump did with Ukraine acceptable behavior of a President? If the public see and hears the facts and their Senator votes against those facts, then their voters will get mad, and many are up for election next year. As a jury they are not supposed to vote on political grounds but on what the Constitutions dictates. How could they vote to have a President above the law and who does not answer to Congress. So far we have not had Republicans actually had to put their vote down for this bad behavior. Some have mentioned it was not good behavior, others may have defended it...but now they will have to Vote to say this behavior is OK or it isn't. Those two choices are leaning heavily towards removal if they vote to impeach for it. I doubt they would let him stay in office if they convict on the abuse.

  • May because Obama was guilty of that 100 times over and no one raised an eyebrow, and by all fairness

    wait sheesh what am I saying , if it wasn't for double standards you would have none at all

    Go ahead and remove him if you can, we will vot him back in 2020

    your litle coup will fail

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    Pelosi isn't willing. All I had to do is listen to what she was saying. If Pelosi brings up the word "impeachment" the Left thinks she is siding with impeachment. Then she does nothing. Nadler and Schiff talk about it, and the Left thinks they are going to do it, but even though Pelosi says no.

    You guys are Democrat zombie slaves. How many times will you allow them to lie to you about Trump? As long as CNN tells you it is okay?.

    WATCH: Schiff, Pelosi say House will not yet call for formal Trump impeachment vote

    5 days ago

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    he hasn't committed any impeachable offense, get over it.

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  • 1 month ago

    Because it's 100% a partisan effort to remove a sitting president without valid cause. They will never get the other side to vote for their partisan, biased, fraudulent nonsense. They need 60% in the senate and the GOP have too many spots in the senate for this treasonous and phony conspiracy to work

  • 1 month ago

    There's one maybe.....not 20

    And you need 22 dumbass. You don't even have the 50% in the House to get a real inquiry yet or they would have taken the vote.

  • 1 month ago

    Debeatlby Trump is innocent till proven guilty.

  • KaleyK
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    You think the Senate will remove a sitting President for "abuse of office". The Senate would not remove Billy Clinton for committing a felony, perjury, which is a very serious offense in the US judicial system, but it will remove a President for abuse of office. It's not my intent to defend Trump (his childish behavior makes me crazy) but from a legal standpoint I doubt the Senate will remove a sitting President for anything less than a material crime.

  • 1 month ago

    Because the GOP controls the Senate.

  • 1 month ago

    Right, good luck with that.

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