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I can’t take my friends negativity it’s driving me nuts ?

I am going through a very hard time. I’ve just completed my Masters Degree I recently lost my full time job and I am struggling. 

My friend calls me daily to tell me how bad she feels for me and my situation. She’s constantly advising me to step away from the field I got my Masters Degree in Constantly asking “what are you going to do I feel so bad for you. Sell your house just move home where your living now is not the place for you I could never live in Arkansas where you live etc.” 

It’s starting to REALLY bother me all of the negativity and every time I talk to her I feel 1000 times worse about my situation. I’m working 2 part time jobs right now 60 hours per week at a grocery store and at a bank as a part time teller. She told me those jobs are beneath me and why would I choose to work in a grocery store in the evenings. She’s constantly rubbing it in my face about all the expensive things she purchases. I honestly can’t take it much more. I’m doing the best I can given my situation. Any advice on how to handle this? I’m now feeling terrible about my situation.

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    Those are the type of habits that end friendships and really make people awful people.

    You need to find ways to speak up against this.

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    Disassociate yourself from this "friend" and be honest with yourself about the actual career options associated with your field of study. It very well could be that you got a degree that's not marketable, or at least not marketable in the area where you're living. If that's the case you might need to consider moving whether you want to or not.

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    Seems you haven’t even shared your feelings with her and just take it. Tell her exactly what you’ve said here - explain this isn’t the type of support you need at this time

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    maybe you should tell your friend what you told us

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    I have a cousin like that. I had to stop commumncations with him. Some people like to tear down others and try to bring you down to their level. He would criticize everything I did especially if it didn't go as planned, while he sat back and never did anything with his life. Stay strong, don't bend. The path that you are paving is difficult and your friend will be there make it even harder, but gaurenteed when you become successful, your friend will be there to take the credit.

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