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How to be able to function normally in life even though I'm hideous?

People say I'm scary and ugly. People say they're terrified of me. I look like a beast and a monster and i'm dirty. They are too frightened of me to talk to me. I have zero friends. I'm just hideous and scary. How to cope and still be able to go out to work and do my job as I have to, to survive in life. And go out to the grocery to buy things I need every so often without worrying about all the people making comments like i'm so scary. I feel so embarrassed when people have to hide their babies from me or they'll start crying at the sight of my hideousness. Like all those beautiful little angels, and I'm just an ogre. I never wanted to grow up to be a woman like this. I wanted to be beautiful, and learn how to do makeup and wear heels. Not how to hide my face for the peace and security of everyone in the world?

This is my hideous face. 

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    You need to get away from those people that are poisoning your mind with toxic thoughts there is nothing wrong with your face A normal decent-looking young woman you'd have no trouble at all getting married here in America just somebody that's not affiliated with that toxic belief system that you're hanging around with. Find new friends might I recommend it to you the kingdom Hall of Jehovah's witnesses

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I do see your problem. The answer is simple. You will never function normally, and your looks aren't the only reason.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Very simple fix to your life: Make people who stare at you feel really guilty by saying "Take a picture it'll last longer" and you'll make them feel terrible (if they're decent human beings.) Then join a haunted house (since its close to halloween) and make bank off your scary looks.

  • Brian
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    4 weeks ago

    I had a laptop like that. I would set it to go to sleep after 10 min of inactivity, but for reason it always switch it to 30 seconds. That is something anyone who looked at could never explain.

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