Oxygen emitter Acura TL ?

My husband has an 07 Acura TL. He’s had nothing but issues in the past. He took his car to the dealership last year after an issue wasn’t getting fixed properly at repair shops in town. He had his alternator replaced. Well now his check engine light came on and he went to valvoline to get an oil change and asked if they could check it out for him and they told him it’s an oxygen emitter issue? But they said they don’t really know what that means. Sooo anyone know what that means and if so what needs to be replaced and is it expensive?

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  • 4 months ago
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    Have the OBD2 trouble codes pulled free at a car part store, tell us the code, and we can help figure out the problem. The car has oxygen sensors, not emitters. Those grease monkeys probably knocked something loose- a sensor wire or a vacuum hose.

  • Ron
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    4 months ago

    . Post the code number

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