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Can you be a doctor with a tatoo on your face?

So I'm in medical school right now, and i really want a tatoo on my face to respect a rapper who died, but can i still be a doctor??

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  • Ted K
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    1 month ago
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    In a "perfect" world it shouldn't matter, but this is not a perfect world, so it DOES.  So, you have to ask yourself which is more important--your respect for this rapper--which in spite of how you may feel right now, is inevitably going to fade with time, or your future career.  Key consideration in this is the following--a career in medicine has the potential to go 50+ years, and have a positive effect, not only on your patients, but on your family.  If you are willing to risk all that just to get a face tat then go for it.  I wouldn't, even for MY personal favorite musician who died too soon.  But that's just me.  I'm of a different generation, for whom tattoos were not really a common thing the way they are now, and so permanently drawing a picture on my body for the sake of a passion that is likely to diminish in intensity as I experience more of life seems kind of dumb.

    Especially face tats.  Even now, most view someone with a face tat as either a) a gangster, b) an "artist"--or artist wannabe, or c) a total loser who doesn't give a fvck and so feels like they have nothing to lose.   Maybe that'll change as people get used to them, but probably not in your lifetime.  Most professions come with a certain decorum expected regarding outward appearance, and face tattoos are viewed as wholly inappropriate and grossly unprofessional.  Get it on your upper arm or someplace like that.  But not your face, don't be an idiot.

    Don't forget what it took for you to get into med school in the first place.  Don't throw all that effort and sacrifice away for the sake of someone who is dead and doesn't care what you do.

    Source(s): Medical school faculty member
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    I don’t think so

  • 1 month ago


  • I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t go to a doctor if they had a face tattoo. And if they were working on my body, I’d refuse it. Unnacceptable.

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  • .
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    1 month ago

    If you were actually in medical school right now, you would already know the answer.

  • 1 month ago

    you will probably lose your job

  • Kieth
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    1 month ago

    Nobody will hire you. Nobody wants a doctor with facial tattoos.

  • 1 month ago

    I'm sure it is possible but it certainly is going to work against you. I think you should decide what is more important to you, honoring a dead person or becoming a doctor.

  • David
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    1 month ago

    Getting a face tattoo means you're not very good at decision making. I wouldn't trust a doctor with a face tattoo. Regular tattoos - sure, no problem, but not a face tattoo.

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