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Who’s in the wrong me or him?

I was deleting the app we were talking on, but I waited for him to response for a whole day but nothing he was on but still nothing.

So I deleted it and I gave my self one last chance and texted on my Snapchat. 


I deleted the app, I would have told

you but you seem to occupied.


occupied with what?


I don’t know, you didn’t exactly reply

for a whole day so yeah


I kept tryin but you wasn’t even


vague replies all the time

you barely asked me a question


So me not wanting to come at night

means I’m not interested

You hardly reply, it’s hard to ask

questions when you don’t reply


that was the last thing we said

lol I always replied to you


Yeah and you saw it and didn’t reply


what could I say?

you said you couldn’t come out

and that I knew that


Right you seem to have me figured




i love it

but hey, you’re getting the boyfriend


only the arguing

mad jarring, instead of putting this

energy into actually trying

you’d rather argue


I rather argue? You assume you have

me figured out so me defending my

self is arguing then so be it.

If this is what having a boyfriend is

then I’m glad I’m single.

If it’s mad jarring to have a calm

conversation then don’t reply.

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  • 1 month ago

    It seems to me that regardless of who was in the right he's not going out of his way to talk to you in a way that would prove that he is seriously interested. I get the impression that he was just looking for a quick booty call. If that's the case all I can say is good for you not to go running to him when he asked.

  • Mikey
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    1 month ago

    I just see two people who don't communicate very well.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    With him using his arms, and me grabbing him around his hips, we


    him up in bed so he got his legs and feet on it. In the process, I 

    got to feel his cockhead against my cheek, it was so soft, but I 

    could also feel the hardness of the shaft behind it. With that done, 

    and a serious ***** of my very own, I turned to go back to my bed, 

    when he grabbed me by the hand and said "Do

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