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What do you think of these movies?


Support your local sheriff


The Scalphunters

Monte Walsh

The Prisoner of Second Avenue .

Nobody's Fool

The World, The Flesh and The Devil

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  • 4 weeks ago

    the world the flesh and the devil is an amazing movie. my favorite movie of any of the "last man on earth" idiom. i haven't seen any of the others, but just being on a list with the world the flesh and the devil is making me consider viewing them.

  • ioerr
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    4 weeks ago

    these movies? these here movies? well sir, i think these movies, here, cost way too much to go see and it's all just a lot of flashy noise and robots and stuff. and that popcorn they sell there is a total scam.

    oh right so you did manage to post some titles after all eh. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nope never seen em

    oh wait i did see that james garner one there at the top, years ago. he was a real nice guy. it was ok.

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