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Physics question?

**Sorry if I keep on using Yahoo for help** I don't understand physics as much

A 3 kg ball swings in a vertical circle on the end of an 80-cm-long string. The tension in the string is 20 N when its angle from the highest point on the circle is θ=30∘.


What is the ball's speed when θ=30∘?

What is the magnitude of the ball's acceleration when θ=30∘?

What is the direction of the ball's acceleration when θ=30∘? Give the direction as an angle from the r-axis.

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    If you don't understand physics, why study it? Are you going to get a job in physics and not understand how to do your job? Why should others do your work for you? Many people who answer questions get ego boosts and have nothing else to do in life.

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    I don't understand what your specific question is.

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