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Girl confusing me and no idea how to feel?

So met this girl who I was told finds me attractive. We start talking. Ask her on a date (was abit early on) she said no because shes unsure. Fair enough few months later we are still talking non stop. She friend zones me ( well that's the idea I got) but theres things that dont add up to me. She wants cuddles apparently she has mates that do that), gets funny when I dont have my location on, wont talk to me when I am with my other girls. Below I'll leave the exact same message she sent me that I believed to be friend zoned. I am not a "lad" nor am I a "bad boy" most people think I am a nice guy and I know that let's me down for a reason unknown to me 😂 parents love me though. I am 22 years old and I know parts of this sounds childish but that's the way it is. I am just looking for advice. Telling me to leave her or find someone else isnt really what I am looking for. Here's the message. It will be slight out of context but theres so much I can put.

I apologise if I’m jumping to assumptions but I just find it difficult that all my friends that swing straight are the same. None of them just want to just be friends and I don’t get it. Maybe that’s normal but it never sits right with me when all my friends have boy bestfriends too? That’s why I swing to toxic Jake because the only way we can be friends is if he gets what he wants at the same time but I can’t escape that because he’s a nice person and I don’t want to loose him after knowing him so long? I had to cut it down. 

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    So you're into the gal but you're also into Jake and the whole guys and gals cuddling and not doing anything more is confusing and who is straight or not is confusing? Yep! You've certainly written a confusing post.

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    Now YOU are confusing me. Neither your question or the girl's message makes sense. Just confuses. I don't know if it's me, but the more I reread it and try to make sense of it all the more my head hurts. If you want real advice, make your questions comprehensible and provide a clear context.

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