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Did I hire an inadequate attorney for my personal injury case based on these facts?

I was hit head on in an accident on the highway that involved 5 cars.

1 Car lost control, spun out on the highway and hit multiple cars, including mine,

The front end of my car was wrecked, I have 2 herniated discs, a nerve impingement and a concussion.

This happened a year ago. The police report is in my favor and the responding cop made a drawing of what he believed happened based upon the position of the cars that were hit, and agreed that the defendant hit me, however I know this is not admissable as it's "speculation"

The defendant is saying she's not guilty and that my injuries are the result of my own negligence. To put things into perspective I was driving within the lines of my lane at the speed limit when I saw her car heading towards my direction, I slowed down but could not switch lanes as there were cars on either side of me that I would have hit. She hit me head on.

My lawyer sent me a 6 page inquisition (not sure if thats the term) of questions I need to answer. No one called me and explained when it was due, or how to answer the questions or what it was for. I answered them and sent them to her over a week ago.

Today she sent me an email (10 days later) and said I missed a part of one of the questions and she didn't submit my answers and now it's late and the opposing could use this against me in a trial.

She never wrote back to me and asked me for the answer or read it until 10 days later and she has access to my medical records and it was a simple ?

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    Physically go to the court house and ask to see the judge assigned to your case. Be nice. Be polite. Do not bore the people at the counter with your problems. If they ask why - just tell them you have ineffective council and would like to discuss it with the judge.

    If you get to see the judge - do not discuss anything about the case!! Not once peep or the judge will need to recuse themselves. Just talk about the questionnaire - and - you best have an excellent reason for not filling it out and sending it back to your lawyer in a day or two.

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      This is nonsense, no one can ask to see a judge.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Make sure you leave a turd on her desk so she doesn’t ignore you.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Troll smarter, next time.

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