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My friend trying to steal my bf. ?

Its been three weeks of our relationship but then my friend who already liked my bf for a while came in between and is trying to steal him from me . She didnt tell me this all but my boyfriend told what she wants from him . According to him., she want my bf to leave me and build relation with her and later she would leave him too . My boyfriend continued the contact with her , sends me her screenshots and says let her do what she wants and in the end he will be taking revenge of whatever she has done. So its like he is building a fake relation with her according to him .  

That seriously bothers me because he has no time for me during this all and its just fights nowadays with him :( .   

I have no idea what is going on , what do u think ?? 

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    Get rid of both of them. She isn't your friend, an he is playing you. Neither is a true friend.

  • There is ALWAYS TWO sides to a story. Maybe ur bf/ex bf is lying to u and trying to get u and girl not to be friends anymore. Maybe it's true..just talk to girl aswell before u listen to him. Hmmm maybe he is not showing all screenshots..

    I don't think he is that worth it soz and he sounds like an @ss .."building a fake relationship"for "revenge".

    And he has no time for u and u both fight so better to stay away if u ask me..move on and get a better bf.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Its nothing wrong with that and I don't see anything seriously here have been used and bang si many times in your entire life and will be continue used and bang by different just enjoy for now and try 3 some because you might like to watch your friend getting nail

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    steal her virginity that'll show her

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