I'm a deployed soldier, been here for 10 months?

I met a girl through a friend. Shes beautiful, smart, funny, goal oriented, going to school for graphic design. So independent, charming, adorable. Family oriented, but shes scared to open her heart to anyone. I want her, I want her to be mine, I want to show her how love is really supposed to be, spoil her, care for her. But I'm in Afghanistan, how can I show her that she doesnt have to be scared with me? How can I make her mine and make her want be mine? Show her the side of love shes never got to experience? 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    put some stilton cheese in an envelope and post it to her. she will understand

    • 4 weeks agoReport

      just one more thing, take as much interest in her as possible, women never get bored of someone being interested in them. Family oriented? ask about her family, talk about yours find common interests. Then make your intentions clear: ask her out on a date somewhere where you will both be comfortable

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