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If Adama and Eve were white, where did black people and asians come from?

Did God create them separately?

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    According to the Bible, all humans descend from Noah, through his three sons Shem, Japheth and Ham. Genesis chapter 10 lists 70 descendants of Noah saying: “From these the nations were spread about in the earth.” (Genesis 10:32) One of the many ways in which these nations have been classified is with reference to skin color. In the skin of all normal humans is a blackish brown pigment called melanin.

    Noah and his three sons all had a measure of this dark pigment. From Shem came the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Jews and the Arabs who vary from fair to light-brown skin. The descendants of Japheth, who include the Indo-European races, vary from light skin to dark brown. As for Ham (meaning swarthy or sun-burnt), some, but not all, of his descendants had dark skin. The Egyptians, with light-brown skin, descended from Ham’s son Mizraim. Ham’s son Canaan, who was cursed by God because of bad conduct, was the forefather of the light-skinned Canaanites.

    In agreement with this, Dr. Hughes, a professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto, said: “On every continent, and in every geographically defined race, there is a considerable range of variation in . . . skin pigmentation, . . . the Tamils of South India are considered by many anthropologists to be members of the Caucasoid [white Indo-European] major race, yet in skin pigmentation they are darker than many African Negroes.”

    All of this shows how foolish it is to interpret God’s curse on Canaan as referring to a dark-skinned people. All divisions of mankind have a dark pigment in their skin, some to a lesser, others to a greater extent.

    Source(s): New World Translation Bible Awake! Magazine
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    Nobody knows what color Adam and Eve were. Josephus thought Adam was red. The races occurred from genetic damage and inbreeding.

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    Adam is the Hebrew word for "man" and its meaning is "to be red",

    referring to the ruddy colour in human skin,

    as in rosey cheeks and blushing.

    In Gen Chapter 1 verse 27 God creates male and female at the same time.

    This was done on the sixth day.

    These people are all the races except for the Hebrew people.

    On the eighth day God creates as stated in verse

    5 of Gen Chapter 2 "a man to till the ground." This man was not created in Chapter 1

    because it is stated specifically "there was not a man to till the ground."

    This man is Adam.

    So God created all the men and woman of different races on the sixth day.

    Adam was created on the eighth.

  • Paul
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    Ever hear of biological evolution? And who says that Adam and Eve were white? Scientists tell his that the oldest known human populations existed in Central Africa, so they were undoubtedly black.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Gen 10:32 tells us that the various races stem from Noah's sons who dispersed throughout the Earth after the flood.

  • yesmar
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    They evolved that way.  People were here years before Adam and Eve and the Garden

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    The following vid does a great job explaining skin color around the world.

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  • You have proof they were white?

     makes more sense that they were brown, and some got lighter and some got darker based on their environment and which features bred and survived more successfully

    If you switched and African and a Eskimo to the other's environment, neither would do well

  • 3 weeks ago

    Who says they were white?

  • Mack
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    3 weeks ago

    They weren't, color was never mentioned in the myth.

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