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Can a Class B felony be expunged in CT?

If a juvenile was charged with robbery 1st degree, which is a class b felony in CT, as a minor, can it be expunged as an adult in CT?

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    Is it possible? Yes. Court records for minors are sealed anyway and it takes a court order to see them. But if this 15 year old knife-wielding robbery suspect is charged as an adult and convicted of any felony, Class B, C or D, the waiting period to file for pardon/expungement is five years from the date of conviction. No guarantee of it being granted. If the punk shapes up, maybe. If they don't, not a chance.

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    Juvenile records are sealed at age 18 anyway.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, any crime can(at the discretion of the state)be expunged. BUT, it costs a lot of money in lawyer fees. YOU CANNOT DO IT YOURSELF !

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