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Can someone help me find plane crashes that happened I'm looking for ones that happened without any causalities (no deaths)?

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    On July 30, 1992 a TWA Flight 843 aborted the take off after the aircraft already lifted off the ground.  The L-1011 landed hard, suffered a broken wing spar which spilled the fuel onto the hot engine starting a fire.  The aircraft then rolled off the end of Runway 13L  at New York's JFK airport and was destroyed by fire fire.  All 292 passengers and crew successfully evacuated the plane.

    On August 2, 2005 an Air France Flight 358 landed long during heavy rain in Toronto.  The A340 overrun the end of runway and rolled down the embankment to a creek below.  The aircraft was destroyed in the post-crash fire.  No fatalities.

    On September 14, 1999 a Britannia Airways Flight 226A landed hard at Girona-Costa Brava Airport in Spain.  The 757 fuselage broke into several pieces.  All 245 occupants successfully evacuated the plane.  


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    No CASUALTIES = no deaths, not causalities.


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