Pain in right leg. What can it be?

Hello guys! So for the past year or two I can’t remember honestly how long it’s been, but I’ve had this weird numbing sensation in my right leg on the outer side of my lower thigh. Whenever I stay in one spot to long normally when I lay down it starts to tingle then go numb after about maybe 10 minutes, but only in that one spot. At first I thought maybe it could be because I’ve become a bit overweight since high school. I also thought maybe it was possible that one of my nerves are cut or something because I use to self harm growing up, and I have quite a few deep scars on the upper part of that thigh, but now I’m just not sure. If I tap it just a little it hurts. Not extremely, but it’s definitely a pain that shouldn’t be there. My other leg when I tap the same spot it feels like nothing, and I’m tapping it real light too. I decided to go on google to try to maybe figure out what it was, and all I am finding is it could be a sacroma, but there is no lump of any kind. Not knowing is making me think the worst, and google obviously is not helping lol. On top of that I’d go to the doctors if I could, but there’s just no money for it. So if anyone maybe has an idea of what it can be I’d really appreciate the info.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    a DVT can be fatal , see a doctor .

  • Donald
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    Why would you ask a bunch of strangers that have no concern about you nor do they have any medical training about your health? If you think it is serious, consult a doctor.

    Best wishes

    • Kari3 weeks agoReport

      Probably because I can’t afford to go to a doctor since I have no insurance. I just thought maybe someone has had something similar and can share with me if I should be concerned or not. Because maybe I’m just crazy and it could be nothing.

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