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I am lost, someone help me solve this problem?

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After giving an intense performance, a confused and disoriented flautist has wandered onto the motorway!

They are playing a constant 300 Hz tone on their flute and are essentially stationary. If you are driving along the motorway at 100 km/h (27.8 m/s),

What is the frequency you hear from the flautist's instrument before you pass them and after you pass them? (c air = 343 m/s)

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    F = Fo (V+/-VL) / (V+/-Vs)

    VL (V of listener) is + if move toward source and vice versa

    Vs (V of source) is + if move away from listener and vice versa

    plain old V is speed of sound in the environment


    F = 300 (343)/(343-27.8) = 326 Hz


    F = 300 (343)/(343+27.8) = 277.5 round appropriately

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