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Are post-secondary institutions legally required to give students a certain amount of breaks?

I was touring some colleges, and some of them were for-profit (although I ran the other way once I realized they were for-profit). All of the for-profit ones gave students a week off between each semester, 2 weeks off during Christmas and New Years (but that was during the semester), Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and Memorial Day off. Obviously, these schools would have a motivation to get each class out the door ASAP. Are they legally required to give students a certain amount of breaks?


Frank, you should be a politician since answering a question is so hard for you.

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    No, they are not.

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    3 weeks ago yourself a HUGE favor. Stop thinking that college is the end all and be all of your educational experience or even requirement. You are worried about REALLY STUPID STUFF.

    Go to a COMMUNITY COLLEGE...get your PRELIMS out of the way. Do NOT go into debt for an education. Figure out WHAT you want to do and even get a JOB to find out if it fits (even as an INTERN). Take courses ONLINE. Take free ONLINE LESSONS for just about ANYTHING these days.

    College is OBSOLETE for most people these days. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY on these colleges you are now looking at.

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    There is no legal requirement for any post secondary institution to schedule their academic calendar in any way.

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