Do you have to apply for a living expense stipend for medical or law school?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Which country? Are you a citizen, or foreign student? Living expenses, unless you are a citizen who qualifies for a lot of financial aid (beyond tuition, fees, and other school expenses), are your responsibility.

    Law schools in many countries, most notably US, are so glutted with applicants, and the job market so glutted with an excess of law school grads, may offer no financial aid whatsoever. For US, for the few med schools which accept foreign students, foreign applicants must prove they & their parents have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses for all four years to be considered for admission.

    A few countries offer financial aid packages to the country's "best & brightest" to study abroad & bring back essential knowledge & skills for the country's development. This can include a stipend for living expenses. It's about the only way any grad student gets any sort of stipend for living expenses. The other (rare) possibility is a PhD candidate with a research grant for their dissertation research, which might include a stipend for living expenses.

    Otherwise, grad students WORK to earn enough for their living expenses. Of course, you can only work without restriction in your country of citizenship.

  • 3 weeks ago

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  • 3 weeks ago

    They're pretty rare for law and medical school in the U.S., but some universities offer scholarships that include stipends.

    It depends on the university, but yes, you would have to apply for the scholarship in addition to applying for regular financial aid, if that's your question.

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    3 weeks ago

    You can apply for financial aid to help support your living expenses during medical or law school. The schools do not provide stipends for that.

    There are exceptionally rare merit packages that might be offered to exceptionally qualified students, and those might include a stipend; that's more typical in medical school and particularly among those pursuing a joint PhD/MD. You would have to apply for this if it was something offered at your school.

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