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How to form stronger bonds with friends? ?

hi! so i was wondering how to get more best friends. i have a few friends ive been pretty close with for years (since middle school) had awesome memories in the past, never argued/had a fallout, we laugh a lot etc etc. we still hang out every now & then but just not as often as we used to. we usually just text now which i don’t mind, but I’d like to make more fun memories like back then but i don’t know how to approach that without forcing it too much lol. anyways do i just ask to hang out more? do i make more plans? do I just bring up old memories? step out of my comfort zone & say it straight up? lol what would be a good way to go from close friends to best friends basically

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    Spend more time with them one on one and let the relationship develop naturally. If you have a good time together that friend will likely reciprocate in their efforts to spend time with you. This is just something you can't force.

  • 4 weeks ago

    kill them all immediately

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