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My neighbours are furious that I have a decapitated baby as one of my Halloween decorations?

My neighbours are furious with me because I have a decapitated baby (obviously not a real one) as a Halloween decorations.

Ever since I was a little child, I've always loved Halloween. However, both of my parents hated it - they never even let me go trick or treating when I was younger. They also never let me do things like go to Halloween parties, go to a house of horror, or even watch Halloween movies. Yes, they both hated Halloween with a burning passion.

I moved out of their house this week and now have my own house. I made new friends there quite quickly. This year, I decided to live out my childhood fantasy of having a house filled with Halloween decorations. It was very pricey and took a long time - but it was worth it... or so I thought.

I finally finished it during the weekend and invited my neighbours to take a look around. They all loved it... until they saw one decoration. A small decapitated baby made out of clay. They all looked at it disgust, and then at me in disgust. They then went onto say that doing that makes a mockery out of women who have stillbirths and that I should be deeply ashamed of myself for even having that as a decoration. They all refuse to talk to me until I get rid of that.

Are they right? Is that particular Halloween decoration completely insensitive and in bad taste?


"I moved out of their house this week" is supposed to say "I moved out of their house in January this year"

Update 2:

Halloween isn't for little kids and has never been - it's for people of every age.

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    That moment when people start complaining that a scary holiday has become "to scary". Historically little kids were just seen as small adults. They didn't have the many benefits that they have these days. I get why certain people would find that offensive but its just proof the world is getting softer and softer and softer.

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    Your neighbor's have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth or know someone close to them who has. That's why they were offended. You owe them an apology.

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    We live in a day and age where people take offense to the smallest of things, so this doesn't surprise me. It might have hit your neighbors in a sensitive place, but since they're your neighbors I'd say just display it somewhere inside for now. Earning their respect might be a good idea - especially if you've lived there less than a year and they've been there longer. If it were me, I'd think it's cool and creative, but I'm pretty hard to offend. In this case, it's just a matter of creating a good relationship with your neighbors since I'm sure you'll be living there for a while. Not sure if that helps, but perhaps your closer friends will appreciate it if you have a party inside? Put it in the bathtub or somewhere unexpected or something? I know it's not fair, but I'd say respect your neighbors wishes for the moment.

    Good luck!

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    Well, this is a fairly obvious troll, but I'll answer as if it wasn't. Decapitated babies aren't scary, really have nothing to do with Halloween, add nothing to a Halloween display, and do turn people off.

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    It's always the dialogue that trips you up and keeps your stories from sounding believable.

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    I'd double down and make more of them to put out there. Never had a complaint when I did similar things. Well, almost, the realistic creepy clown that I moved around the front yard freaked some out, and I had to remove it a few years ago. When creepy clowns started popping up all over the place.

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    Yes. You should be ashamed of yourself!

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    Whatever. Many people (perhaps even some of your neighbours) exhibit desiccated animal heads in their house the whole year and few dare to complain.

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    If they are furious because you have one decapitated baby, why not get a whole bunch. That will send them over the roof. Who the hell cares about what you have for decorations. If you really want to get your neighbors upset, get a mock up of one of them and have it decapitated.

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    Of course it's inappropriate and offensive.

    If you're old enough to have a place of your own, you should understand this.

    You're also far too old to make all that fuss about Hallowe'en. It's for little kids.

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