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Neutered rabbit still pees on sofa?

I have a male rabbit that is 7-8 month old, he’s been neutered about 5-6 weeks and he has been very good at litter training, he only poops in his litter box and only pees in his litter box, accept when he jumps on sofa he has done it 2-3 times before being neutered, I stopped him going on the sofa after the third time. 

But now he has been neutered my partner let him back on the sofa thinking he won’t do it anymore but he has done it twice now and they are pretty big pee’s. Is there anyway to stop this? 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Keep him off the couch. Get a playpen to put around the couch or keep him out of the living room.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It can take some rabbits up to 8 weeks post neuter for hormones to fully dissipate.

    That said, the couch is often a problem area -- most especially if they've peed on it in the past. It is near impossible to get the odor out well enough that even the rabbit can't smell it. Unfortunately, if they smell it, they are more likely to go in that same spot.

    I'm afraid you'll need to keep him off the couch. Not sure how to get the odor fully out of the couch if it has soaked deep into the cushioning. He may end up being one of those buns that continues to pee on couches. In time he may get better but I'd keep him off the couch for several months before allowing him to try it out again.

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