I'm autistic and I'm talking to someone who is younger and considered a pervert, why do people claim that I'm going down hill?

So I lost a friend earlier this year cause that friend named pat doesn't understand about mental illnesses and bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. He ditched me to go hangout with local people who he claims is more mature than me and he then reported some of my activities that are considered illegal to the police. I just found out that he snitched by calling my local sheriff's office and reporting it. So I'm now talking to another person who's a 20 year old named kevin. Kevin is considered a pervert and an very immature person by the elevator community but I don't see anything wrong with him other than he likes to be funny. He burps and farts and takes pictures of him on toilets and he sends those pics to girls that he knows. He would say funny sexual innuendos to me when we are on a call, mostly are geared towards girls. Andy bashed me last night and says that pat heard that I'm talking to kevin and says that I've gotten way downhill and more immature by talking to kevin. He insulted me and said to andy, well he and kevin are perfect for friends, they're both immature and I don't like people like them. I'm not immature and I'm tired of people accusing me of being immature. Pat is a jerk and wasn't understanding. He thinks that I'm going to get arrested for sexual harassment towards women if I continue to hang with kevin. I have no choice, I don't have anyone to talk to anymore. I just wished people would leave me alone. Why do people claim that I'm going downhill ??

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  • Lita
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    4 weeks ago

    Because you are clearly going downhill, Jacob. You are immature and you have sexually harassed women in the past. If you lack someone to talk to change your behavior so people will want to be around you.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your behavior has caused many people to pull away from you.  The constant need for attention, disregard of others feelings, lies and illegal behavior have demonstrated to others that you can not be trusted and are a danger to yourself and others.

    That you are now trying to form new relationships but only able to do so with people substantially younger than you shows just how mentally and socially immature you are.  People who have matured socially see thru your pretense of friendship much earlier than kids and young adults  You can only manipulate people for so long before they see that you don't care about anybody but yourself.  That isn't friendship it is antisocial, predatory behavior.

    You've been given lots of advice about these issues from your family, former friends and mental health professionals but continue to indulge in counter productive and self destructive behaviors.

    There is no one to blame for this but yourself.  

    Being autistic is not a get out jail free card and being an azzhole is not a disability, jacob.

  • 4 weeks ago

    YOU do not understand mental illness. You could if you would drop the attitude, but you refuse.

    autism does play a part, it is difficult for people with autism to change bad patterns of behavior..problem is that it was allowed to become a pattern in the 1st place...but someone with the intellectual skills to use a computer, read, write, commit varies crimes does have the cognitive skills to man up on his own and change his behavior.....

    I've known people that thought they were big bad azzes above the law (acted anti social)...until they went to jail.......including 1 that spent 2 years in solitary at Rikers (horrible NY jail)......they are now staying out of trouble.....jail taught them to grow up and control themselves.....or they would be held responsible for their actions.

  • 4 weeks ago

    YOU NEED to be locked away in a mental hospital.

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  • Cogito
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    4 weeks ago

    I think that your problem is that you're being friendly with the wrong people through desperation.

    Kevin is behaving in a very bad way.

    Anyone who would take a photo of himself on a toilet is very immature and not at all intelligent.  Sending such photos to anyone is offensive and very foolish.  Associating with anyone like that is going to make people think that you're like him - which is bad.

    You've already been told not to do illegal things and to stop behaving like a jerk when you prank people and upset them.  If you can't understand why this is a bad thing to do, I'm glad that Pat reported you.  

    But the police aren't going to tolerate your ringing people's doorbells, annoying shops by photographing elevators, and now sexually harassing women.

    I understand that your autistic but that's no excuse.

    You've been told that some things are unacceptable and/or weird, but you refuse to take that on board and you continue to do them.

    You're going to end up in jail unless you try to behave yourself.

    • Jacob3 weeks agoReport

      I don't care if it's illegal. I'll continue to film in hospitals, high rise buildings, malls and other places that prohibit filming.

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