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why doesn't food taste horrible to other animals?

for example, spiders eat flies and flies taste horrible so why does the spider like the taste of a fly?

birds eat insects, insects taste disgusting so why does the bird like the taste of the disgusting insects?

Leopards eat raw rotten meat, which to humans would taste absolutely disgusting, so why does the leopard like the taste?

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    try feeding your cat an orange. Some food does taste awful to animals that we find tasty as heck. They just have different tastes because they have different needs.

  • MARK
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    Even among humans there are different tastes. For example, I know people who like and eat liver. I would rather go hungry that eat it. So, if members of the same species can have different tastes it is hardly surprising that different species do. In some cases different species may not have the sense of taste. You claim flies must taste horrible but spiders may not have a sense of taste. Birds have a very highly developed sense of taste but taste preferences vary greatly between species.

  • audrey
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    I suppose it's like me liking a hamburger and a vegan liking a lettuce leaf and a broccoli spear. Different tastes.

  • Bob
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    4 weeks ago

    Life isn’t about liking everything. Humans have become hedonistic so that’s how we judge things. These animals are trying to survive. However the dead creatures you consume also taste disgusting it is just a matter of perspective. You have become accustomed to thinking that steak and chips is nice. But that is purely subjective

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    Many insects taste very nice. Including some flies.

    Humans have learned to appreciate the taste of meat which has been hung for 50 days or more (I had a 50 day matured steak cooked “blue”, so almost raw, on Saturday and it was excellent), and also many people love the taste of game (hunted meat which has been hung intact to give it a distinctive “gamey” flavour. Others still eat bloaters (herring which have been partially smoked with their bloating rotten guts still inside.

    Those animals have evolved to survive on those foods and scavengers have evolved powerful defences against the dangers of truly rotten meat. So they associate those aromas and flavours with the thought of “food”. Humans are similar: if we learn a particular food is not going to cause harm then we learn to like almost any flavour and aroma. Durion fruit smells appalling but tastes good: durion lovers learn to love the smell. Many blue mouldy cheeses smell like bad feet, and Google “surströmming”!

  • Bill
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    Other animals don't have the same sense of taste that we do. Their senses are adapted to find food that their bodies can digest.

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