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Please help I entitled to this and should I do it? ?

Basically I have an essay due tomorrow and I haven’t even started writing it let alone finished my reading. I am so scared because it is my first uni assignment and I realise at this point that I might miss the deadline and even if I get it done (unlikely) it will be so bad. I really don’t know what to do because I don’t want a red flag beside my name when I’ve barely started. I don’t have a diagnosed mental health condition but for the past week I have had severe low moods which have prevented me from functioning on a daily basis and also regular suicidal thoughts. Although I know if I was to apply for an extension which I would have to do asap I would probably use the excuse of food poisoning etc because I don’t have a mental health condition. I feel so guilty either way so I don’t know what to do. Any help or advice would be much appreciated thankyou

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    Something similar happened to me my freshman year. Not saying that you do, but I have an anxiety disorder. I wasn't diagnosed until early my sophomore year, because I didn't want to believe that I couldn't handle this my self. Everybody experiences stress, so why was mine or yours any different than the rest of the world. College exacerbated many symptoms I was already experiencing throughout the rest of my grade school, but was able to manage until the stress of college on top of my lack of coping skills came to a peak. I don't know your whole situation and it is kind of early, but I would apply for an extension and I would see the university diagnostician if you guys have one or the local one at the hospital. All I needed were new coping skills, but there are also medications to manage anxiety. It depends on how severe the chemical imbalance is and how long it lasts and many many other factors.

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    My grandson was exactly like you, leaving the essays until they were due and he had 3 years of that but has just graduated. Start your essay now, sure it will fail but you will have time to redo it and in future start the essay when you get it and not at last minute - don't give any excuses about health, just be honey, Good Luck

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    While you’ve stressed you haven’t a mental health condition, depression and suicidal ideation is in fact a mental health issue. Seek help immediately and worry about your studies after you’ve taken care of your condition.

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    You know, people have to do things they don't want to do when they don't feel like doing them. It's part of life.

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    Write any thoughts you have about your project. Google info about it. This will get you started. Your suicidal thoughts should be handled by a psychological professional.

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    My only advice to you is not to lie about procrastinating and stop making excuses to justify your situation. They are not helping you in any way and the truth is that you knew about this assignment when it was first given but your lack of self-discipline is the cause of your predicament, not some make-believe mental condition or food poisoning. Using those excuses will only make a bad situation worse. Don't insult your teachers' intelligence by using either of them.

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