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Theoretically, is it right? even though DVD has the same size as the Blu-ray disk physically But it will occupy?

much more hard disk drive space if you put a Blu-ray format of movie rather than the DVD format of movie into your hard disk drive?

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    Absolutely correct, my friend.

    A DVD contains up to 4.7 GB data, whereas a Blu-ray Disc contains up to 25 GB of data.  (Dual layer discs hold roughly twice these amounts of data.)

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      Exactly. And a CD is the same size yet again, but only about 700MB maximum

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    There's nothing theoretical about it. Blu-Ray discs simply contain more data. The "pits" that the laser reads are small and more densely packed on Blu-Ray discs than they are on DVDs. Same thing applies to mechanical hard disks as well. You have a 250GB HDD and 8TB HDD sitting right next to each other, they'll be the same size physically, but obviously the 8 TB HDD will hold much more data.

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  • 4 months ago

       Hi. Yes. It's not because of the disc that's used for it.

       It's because of the hardware that's used to burn / read the discs that are in it.

       The reason is because a BluRay drive's head can read & write much smaller sections of the disc than a DVD or CD drive can.


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