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Do Christians really believe that pain in childbirth is punishment from God for what Eve did? Isn't this punishment terribly unfair?

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    That is a fairy tale concocted by Moses who didn't know that painful births are a result of millions of years of evolutionary extinctions that wrestled a compromise between bigger brains vs a streamlined pelvis and male hominids developing bigger muscles to protect their harems from other males and to hunt increasingly larger prey.

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    That is an ugly, horrid falsification and slandering. I do not believe in that lie. I do not believe that is punishment from God.

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    Oh, grow up. You obviously need to.

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    No because the passage says an "increase". Pain in childbirth has always been present, but because of the fall, pain increased.

    What do you think God should do with those who break His perfect law?

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    It is a reminder of the consequences of sin.

  • We believe in God, in addition to that, we have had proofs of God's presence when we are gathered with our prayerful adoration of God!

    I told you already, last time, that the pains of childbirth were due to Eve's disobedience, because before sin, Eve gave birth to children without pain.

    If God has decided in that way, who are you, to oppose the Creator!

    From the Holy Bible, Genesis 3.

    13 The Lord God said to the woman, "What have you done?" The woman replied, "The serpent has deceived me and I have eaten.

    16 He said to the woman, "I will multiply your pains and pregnancies, and you will give birth to children in pain. To your husband it will be your instinct, but he will dominate you.

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    Let's say you have a roof over your head. You make the choice to tear it down. The next day, it rains. Is it unfair that you get wet?

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    The word pain is used in the modern translations of the Bible. The actual Hebrew word used in the original writing can be translated as sorrow which would make far more sense in the context that not only were Adam and Eve no longer able to experience being in direct fellowship with God but so would their offspring. The fact that some women do not have children or the ones that do don't all experience extreme pain in giving birth would also make more sense in the use of the word sorrow rather than pain.

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    It is the way it is.

  • They think God is a perfect judge, so they think it's fair.

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