I think my regular customer has a crush on me? :)?

I see him every day and he always asks me what's on our sandwiches as he said he has a bit of bad vision and then while i'm giving him his cup and a table tent he talks to me. Afterwards he waits for me and always stands at the counter to talk to me. He always starts the conversation first <3

Tonight I took his order and asked how his poodle was doing because he told me a week ago the dog was sick. Then as usual he asked what was on a diffrent sandwich, rang it up and got him his change. He waited fot me again and we talked while he got his drink and when I went to get him ketchup I awkwardly told him he had a nice moustache and he wouldn't stop smiling and giggling. Afterwards he said he would see me next week and when I reached out for a handshake he held it for a second and let go. 

There are even times when i'm off and he asks me if I am and we sit and talk while he waits for his food. I honestly feel like he is interested. How can I tell him without making things awkward? :3 

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    He has a poodle so he is gay and is just being nice

  • 3 weeks ago

    No. He's just wondering why the sandwiches taste like crap, but is afraid to ask..

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