please help- home is being occupied by demonic entity or spirit and it's starting to lash out?

i moved into my rental house in july before college started. the very first night i spent in the house, i was injured so badly i had to visit the emergency room. since that night, i've had several "close calls" with injuries that i just brushed off as clumsiness or carelessness. more recently tho i've started experiencing more close calls, to the point where i don't feel safe alone in my home. i've also felt a presence in the home when it was just me and my cats. it's not a friendly presence. or at least it isn't anymore. i thought for a while it was gone or happy because i didn't get hurt or feel extremely unwelcome. but tonight i watched a video where a woman caught a shadow person on camera and i felt immediately that i was in danger because i recognized what she was seeing. when i go down the stairs in my home i always keep my hands on the walls because i've felt an entity behind me. when i go up i go as fast as i can, because i feel a presence following me, like its unhappy i'm in its space. when i first moved into my room, i couldn't sleep for several nights because i would jerk awake every time i closed my eyes. i looked up how to get rid of these entities and i saw it standing at the foot of my bed, WHILE THE LIGHTS WERE ON. please help, i think i could be in danger.

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  • .....
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    1 week ago

    Pray and ask God to remove these negative spirits in the name of Jesus Christ. Go  to church and talk to a pastor who understands how to pray for God's protection over you and your family and your home.

     It is real power and help from Heaven you need.

  • 3 weeks ago

    God damn seems like no one in these comments can be of any use. Zoie put salt and pepper on your window and in the corners of your room. I am not sure if African cleansing will help your home clean of spirits but use drums to chant if you can. Let those beings know this is your space/home and they are not welcome. Chant ..i close all portals i shut all portals all around your home. Do this with authority!

    When you said injuries...i might be wrong but that sounds like aliens to me. Be weary that it could be ghost or aliens. These things are very real as we are not the only ones on this earth. Play cleansing music, wear protection beads and take spirit protection baths. Do your information searches. Hope you stay safe

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you put the injuries that you received down to clumsiness then they were hardly injuries that were inflicted by a paranormal entity lashing out. We all hurt ourselves each day but forget about it. Look at what you told us. injuries that were so feeble you thought you were just clumsy. feeling someone behind you yet you were never pushed down the stairs. feeling you are not alone? Seeing things only from your bed whilst most of your brain is inactive. You are connecting things that don't belong together. there is nothing of a paranormal nature going on in your home.

    • Larn3 weeks agoReport

      Maybe be a little considerate and helpful. Bizarre stuff like this happens to people.People can see these things and sense scary stuff that will have a regular person running or confused.

  • 4 weeks ago

    NEXT TIME you believe it was no accident,, COMMAND IT,, TO SHOW ITSELF, AND DON'T BACK OFF, BE FORCEFUL ABOUT IT.. Burn some sage in every corner of your house, and say "go to the light and leave this place." "I do not fear you." Do it a couple times a week..   I will buy lavender candles and put Sage spice in the wax..

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  • Mr. P
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    4 weeks ago

    You did not say how you were injured. Try and make the home safer for a start. No trip hazards, a nightlight on the stairs, keep a torch handy, remove sharp objects and wear slippers that grip. (odd name that slippers isn't it)

    Next you just have to claim your space to any spirit that happens to be there. Be nice, respectful, but tell it you will be there for (x) time and you have to live somewhere.

    I've live with 2 spirits and they are quiet and seem happy enough. I have seen many more and talked to a few. They are just people, so be civil to them and usually they will comply.

    You do sometimes get one that will just shout at you non stop and really wants you out (I've known two), but they do eventually reach a compromise. My compromise is that after about 1am downstairs belongs to them. If I have to go down there during the night I apologise.

    Spirits can be a bit weird regarding space. Like they need somewhere to call their own room, but unlike us it can be a very small cupboard that we couldn't fit in. Think of genie in a bottle type of thing. I think some voodoo priestesses actually use jars. But if you want to dedicate a vase to one and say they can live in it then it may work. - Just don't ever use it! Needs a lid that doesn't fit very well, or a door that doesn't close all the way.

    But don't be frightened of anything. Observe, learn, and then act. But being frightened won't help.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You've been watching too many Conjuring movies. And you're clumsy.

    Look, I believe in ghosts no problem. But I don't believe your version of this story, because a) it's too easily explained away using known science and b) it's literally the cookie-cutter formula used by every haunted house movie since the 1960's.

    Despite what you see on the screen, credible and plausible reports of possible ghost encounters are nothing like what you see on the screen. On the screen (including those 'reality' shows), ghosts are only allowed to be active at night. In reality, more ghost sightings have been reported during daylight. On the screen, ghosts are required to use subtle and obscure methods of announcing their presence (rattling doors, odd noises, creaking floors, etc) before revealing themselves. In reality, flickering lights and creaks and groans happen all the time in every building ever constructed.

    On the screen, ghosts must have some purpose for being where they are. The purpose can be good or bad, but the main protagonist must put all the little puzzle pieces together and figure it out, and only then can the epic battle between good and evil commence. In reality, the few ghosts that have been encountered usually don't interact with the living at all, in fact they don't even seem to notice anyone around them.

    I love ghost movies too, but you need to turn them off for a while. Spend less than an hour reading through actual sighting reports, and your haunting will go away.

    • Zoie4 weeks agoReport

      I never once said all my encounters happened at night, because they haven't. But thank you for assuming things. Furthermore- I didn't call the presence a ghost. I know ghosts aren't usually malevolent. Also, I don't like ghost movies. **** off.

  • John
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    4 weeks ago

    Sometimes clumsiness is just clumsiness. Sometimes it's indicative of an underlying illness. The last thing it could ever possibly mean is that demons are attacking you. The feelings of being watched are a typical reaction to anxiety, which you most definitely have. This is all you, not any demons.

    • John
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      4 weeks agoReport

      "Feeling like I'm unwelcome in an empty room" is EXACTLY anxiety -- anxiety because you believe in evil spirits, not necessarily because there are any there. You're creating this.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Call the actors who play Ed and Lorraine Warren in the Conjuring Universe! they're your only help

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