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What does he really mean when he says “Nothing else concerns him?”?

Recently my child’s father & I got into an argument because out of the blue he insists that I have been sneaking around on him while carrying his child. Everyone in his family knows that’s false bc I am miles away from home with no car. I pretty much spent most of my pregnancy couped up in a room. I decided to leave bc I didn’t want the stress before having the baby. He went from saying it’s not his to that it is, he will be there DNt want another around me nor the bby and other crazy comments I DNt want to bring up. Now he won’t speak to me n the only thing he says is let him know what happens with the bby but nothing else concerns him. I tried keeping in consideration that he has been dwn this Road before n the child ended up not being his. Now I’m torn between being understanding of his insecurities and why am I being mistreated and hurt for something I haven’t done. So what is it he is really saying. I’m 35 weeks I DNt want to be one of those miserable bby mothers. 

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  • MissA
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    4 weeks ago

    He presumably thinks that you were unfaithful to him, and it sounds like he no longer wants to have any personal/romantic relationship with you even if it turns out this child is biologically his. So... that's where you are. Plan on being a single mom, have the baby's paternity tested when it is born, and file for child support payments. "Miserable" is up to you. He can't make you miserable, just as he can't make you happy.

  • 4 weeks ago

    He is really saying he is a miserable and controlling human being. Good for you for getting away.

  • amy
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    4 weeks ago

    Just get a DNA test. Tell him to piss off. His abuse is "understandable" but its still abuse crosses boundaries. What other boundaries is he willing to over cross because of his insecurities? Get the DNA. Put him on the cert. Piss him off and demand child support.

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