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Is this a toxic friendship or an abusive one? (Bad punctuation and grammar for space)?

I met this girl in 7th grade, new school new friend. We became close quickly and she was pretty cool at first. she starts teasing me for how much i read in 7th grade so i slowed my reading. we exchanged numbers and she loved texting me, we both had apple so we didn't worry about message limits, she sure didnt. I found out that if i did not reply quickly she got impatient. I thought ok i just will have to tell her when im off so i do and thats not enough she soon demands to know what im doing if i do not respond within a minute, and even got angry at me for being around other friends,. one night i had volunteered to walk RESCUE dogs and she got mad. how DARE i leave her for so long This was the first time i tried to cut contact with her. Then came the threats and the begging so I got back in contact with her similar things happened in 10th grade too and like an idiot i came back she made sure i KNEW i was her only friend and at lunch she would complain in front of me how she had NO friends (ha what? is my 12+ hrs of texting you not enough attention?) She made sure to chew me out if i didn't reply to her during school. she would rip on my weight, my mannerisms and even my dating choices! by senior year i had enough! i felt beaten down and hurt by her. determined to hold my ground i cut her off to this day the only time i contacted her since then was because she made a meme account, followed mine and then pressed me for my opinion of her under a guise of a shared friend.

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    She is being needy at the very least and does sound toxic.

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