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Does being thin makes a woman docile or being docile makes a woman thin?

Every skinny woman I see, is very docile and quiet in behaviour.

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    Being hungry makes you angry so I doubt this TBH. Every anorexic I knew was a snappish, angry headcase during their illness. It affects your mind too.

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    Wow. That's directly opposite of my observations. I see thin as a rail women as high strung and anxious, while over weight women as laid back and sanguine.

    There are exceptions to every case when it comes to humans, but in general the thin ones are the ones who make it big time in entertainment and business. And that's because they are highly motivated and energetic.

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    Dated a female who was tiny and thin, back in the day when I was into that. She was a firecracker and a half. Not a docile gene in her body.

    There is no correlation.

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    neither, don't be silly

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    Maybe they're at peace with themselves, while the fat feminists aren't.

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