Can a person with High Functional Autism / Asperger Syndrome be a good driver?

I'm 33 years old and Asperger Syndrome, I don't have a driving license because I've never applied for it.

Recently, I got a job as a security guard in a factory, in my country people with disabilities, due to the light nature of the work, are often employed as security staff or as porters or receptionists in hotels.

I got permission from a doctor to work in overtime, people with disabilities cannot work more than 7 hours in my country, unless the doctor agrees, I even got permission to work 24 hours and 48 hours off, although on weekdays the norm is 12 hours for 24 hours off.

I was trained by a very nice elderly gentleman who makes an extra pension, said that he did not complain about the amount of the pension, but did not want to sit at home and do nothing, but he got permission from the doctor to work a maximum of 12 hours and only during the day because he has diabetes

Although, according to my older brother, I shouldn't, because I have poor reflexes.


Although my friend's sister, she approached her driving license 35 times before she finally passed :-)

Update 2:

Although my other friend who is friends with her and her brother also knows that I have Asperger, he jokes that she and her younger son who turns 18 this year, probably also has Asperger, because when he talks to her brother, her husband, or her older 25-year-old son, everyone is very open, but when he talks to her or her younger son, he feels like talking to Commander Data, or some Vulcan, devilishly intelligent but also very withdrawn.

Update 3:

As I mentioned before, I talked to my psychologist about it.

I told her that if I got a driving license, I would buy a cheap car and register it on custom license plates, it bloody expanisve, and can be only 5 character longi would chose it as follow "PDUPE" shortened from Pocałucie Mnie w Dupę, with means "Kiss My ***" for anyone who claiming i should not drive   she laughed and said that from she know it would be impossible because registration cannot sound vulgar :-(

Update 4:

I said that then I would use English and register is KSMASS or in German for example as Scheisse xD 

And I just sick and tired to be a good boy who lets everyone do bad things to my rear side, you know what I mean ;-)

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    Yes, I know a 17 year old that has been driving almost a year. He still does not drive on his own, but has made long drives with his parents. His mother (neurotypical) hates driving, was in numerous accidents when she started driving and still only drives locally.

    He doesn't have his own car yet because he is likely going away to college next year and may be going to a snowy area and isn't ready for dealing with snow yet.

    those plates would not be allowed in the US once someone figured out what it meant....doesn't matter what language. there have been people that have slipped things past the motor vehicle office, but someone on the road sees it and reports it.

    some people on the spectrum, even with mild symptoms may have issues with driving: gross motor coordination, attention to the road, not being distracted by other things.

    • Although, according to my psychologist, such ideas are passive-aggressive behavior :-)

  • There should be not much of anything a person with high functioning autism can do. Learn to drive. Take the tes. D it again and again if youhave to. Autism should not stand in your way.

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    4 weeks ago

    bro driving a car as a means of travel isnt a skill. racing a car is a skill that requires reflexes and training etc. traveling the speed limit in a car is something nearly anyone can do. its as easy as operating a toaster.

    • I came up with this one, because sometimes I think that other people are patronizing me because of Asperger's Syndrome, I thought that I would write on them in my native Polish the sentence "Kisses my ***" but someone told me that it could not be in Polish, 

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